What is a Secret Shopper Quiz

Secret shoppers are independent evaluators hired by mystery shopping companies to audit the products, services, or customer experience for an establishment. These secret shoppers or evaluators hired by the companies are knowledgeable and they know how to complete the job in the prescribed process.

However, mystery shopping companies regularly test these secret shoppers before any job acceptance or while signing up for the first time. Secret Shopper quiz is to ensure the correct evaluator for the job.

Why do Mystery Shopping Companies take Quizzes?

Well, most mystery shopping companies require a certain level of understanding of the person who is going to take the job. So to ensure the best evaluator for each assignment they conduct quizzes and those qualified shall be awarded the job.

However, these quizzes are very easy and Mystery shoppers can take multiple attempts.

Let’s see why companies do these quizzes and what is their motive behind doing so,

  • Certain Jobs require no prior experience with the brand. So they want to know if you or anyone from your family have ever worked with this brand or not.
  • Mystery Shopping Companies want to test their evaluators on the level of understanding they have about the jobs and the company. We have a tendency to skip through terms of service which is crucial for a Secret shopper and the company. They want to know if you are aware of the
    • Payment process
    • Disqualification from a job
    • Cancellation of Job
    • Reduced Payments
    • Your Point Of Contact in case of Difficulty and emergencies
    • Reporting Process, deadline, formats
    • Scheduling of Shops
    • Personal Information Updates
    • Probation, Disqualification, and Termination from the Program
    • How to claim Reimbursements with Receipts
  • Some Secret Shopper companies require you to complete quizzes before taking up a specific job. So, each time you sign up for this kind of job you have to take the quiz.
  • Some companies take quizzes very seriously as it is a base for completing the evaluation successfully.

How to take the Secret Shopper Quiz?

Before you take the secret shopper quiz you must know the consequences of failing the quiz. The consequences are

  • If the questions are very basic and general then there are no strict restrictions in taking the quiz. You can retake the quiz multiple times and there is no penalty for giving wrong answers.
  • Some quizzes are for shoppers to complete before you can gin up for any job. These quizzes are set for a specific type of job like Banking, or Restaurants. So every time you sign up for a job in that category you have to take the quiz. These quizzes are not strict and you can reappear until you get the questions correct.
  • Few secret shopper questions are designed to screen evaluators’ background and their knowledge. They are stricter compared to the former type of quizzes. If you get the questions wrong you might not get any jobs in that category for that month. So you have to pay attention while attempting the questions.
  • A very few secret shopper quizzes have limited attempts so always prepare before you attempt them.
  • Always go through the information given on the secret shopper company website. You must have a clear understanding of their payment process, reporting structure, deadlines, point of contact, reimbursements.
  • It is crucial that you go through the companies FAQ(frequently asked question) section and read their Terms and Conditions page for a better understanding of the program.

Answer to Secret Shopper Quiz

We have listed the common questions asked on the Secret Shopper Platform to new evaluators.

Secret Shopper Quiz 1

Answer to Question No 1- November 20 (D)

You get paid on the 20th of the following month so if you have completed and submitted a shop on October 3 you will be paid on November 20.

Secret Shopper Quiz 2

Answer to Question No 2- I or someone in my household has worked for the company I am shopping for (C)

Secret Shopper discourages you to take any mystery shopping job where anyone from your family is worked or previously worked.

Secret Shopper Quiz 3

Answer to Question No 3- True (A)

You have to follow the evaluation guidelines and adhere to the reporting deadline. So any delayed reporting will get the shop canceled, may face reduced or no payments, and probation.

Secret Shopper Quiz 4

Answer to Question No 4- False (B)

No, you are an Independent contractor and not an employee of the company. So you can not mark them as employers in any kind of form.

Secret Shopper Quiz 5

Answer to Question No 5- Base payment for completing the shop (C

Secret Shopper pays the Shop fee for completing the evaluation, these payments already contain the meal spent, grocery expenses, or any ticket costs. If it is not included in the shop fee then the company reimburses any receipts in this regard. The shop fee is basically a flat Payment.

Secret Shopper Quiz 6

Answer to Question No 6- 120days (B)

You have to save your notes, papers, and receipts for at least 120 days in case there are any follow-up queries by the client. 

Secret Shopper Quiz 7

Answer to Question No 7- Contact your Shop Coordinator immediately (C)

Every job comes with a shop coordinator and he/she is your point of contact for any queries. You must consult your coordinator in case of emergencies and difficulties. You will typically find the name and contact details of the Job coordinator in the job mail.

Secret Shopper Quiz 8

Answer to Question No 8- All of the above (D)

You will have to face reduced payments if You submit the shop reports late, fail to respond to your contact, poor spelling and grammatical mistakes in the commentary.

Secret Shopper Quiz 9

Answer to Question No 9- True (A)

The general guidelines say that you have to submit the shop reports by 12 pm Central Standard Time the following day.

Secret Shopper Quiz 10

Answer to Question No 10- False (B)

No, you can’t employ anyone else to evaluate on your behalf.

Secret Shopper Quiz 11

Answer to Question No 11- Unlimited (C)

A new Shopper can schedule unlimited shops if they are available on the system for you. But don’t reschedule them once you accept failure to do so can put your account on probation.

Secret Shopper Quiz 12

Answer to Question No 12- The Shopper (C)

It is the responsibility of the shopper to ensure the updated address and personal and contact information in the system.

Secret Shopper Quiz 13

Answer to Question No 13- All Of The Above (D)

There are many ways your account can be put on a Probation

  • Delay in Reporting
  • Excessive Rescheduling of Shops
  • Failure to respond to the job Coordinator in time
Secret Shopper Quiz 14

Answer to Question No 14- 24 hours (B)

You must respond to the job coordinator’s follow-up calls within 24 hours in a normal business week.

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