List of Legitimate Mystery Shopping Companies

The Internet has been a major source of work these days. People are jumping into Online Jobs, part or Full time to earn a side income or create a second source of income. Especially after the pandemic broke out Internet jobs are rising like a wildfire. The primary motive of doing an online job is to make a few quick bucks. Mystery Shopping is one such hustle that gets you some money per assignment.

But with rising popularity mystery shopping scams also surfaced and people were scammed by fake mystery shopping companies who ask you to pay a fee to become a mystery shopper and earn a handsome amount from the freelance sites. The majority of these sites are scams and design to loot money only and they never provide any jobs to anyone.

Like every other thing on the Internet you always have to verify consciously and choose wisely while selecting any Mystery Shopping Company. But we have done this for you, we have created a large list of Legitimate Mystery Shopping Companies so you don’t face any scams.

There are many Mystery Shopping Companies that are legit and pay on time to their evaluators(Mystery Shoppers). Most of the list of mystery shopping companies available online is outdated and contains very little information. Here we have made a list of Legitimate Mystery Shopping Companies in the US, Canada, and International.

This updated list contains more than 400 companies with their website links. These sites are legitimate and do not accept any application fee, joining them as a mystery shopper is free.

Don’t ever buy any mystery shopping program. Get your 400+ List of Legitimate Mystery Shopping Companies Here.

You, Will, Receive A List of Mystery Shopping Companies that pay between $10 – $75 to complete an Evaluation. It is important that we have your email so that we can send you the updated list.

Top 100 Legitimate International Mystery Shopping Companies

These International Mystery Shopping Companies conduct mystery audits Internationally. So You can join these companies from any part of the world and still get evaluation jobs in your locality. Some of these companies work in more than 150 Countries, they are reputed and established brands in the mystery shopping Industry.

Here is the List

360 Intel
A Closer Look
ACE Mystery Shopping
Alta360 Research
Amusement Advantage
Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd.
Anonymous Insights, Inc.
AQ Services International
ARC Consulting
Ath Power Consulting
Auditor Service
BARE International
Blink Research
Business Evaluation Services
Call Center QA
Canadian Viewpoint, Inc.
Cirrus Marketing Intelligence
Consumer Insight
Consumer Service Analysis, Inc.
Coyle Hospitality Group
Customer Experience Experts
Customer Impact
DSG Associates
Dynamic Advantage, Inc.
Elite CX Solutions
Ellis Partners in Mystery Shopping
Faith Perceptions
Field Agent
Harland Clarke
Helion Market Research
Hospitality Now
HS Brands Global
Impact Marketing
Interactions Marketing
Intouch Insight
Jancyn Evaluation Shops
JM Ridgway Co., Inc.
Just The Facts, Inc.
Kinesis-CEM, LLC
Management Consultant Group
Maritz CX
Market Analytics International, Inc.
Market Force
Market Viewpoint
Marketstat, LLC
MCG, Management Consultant Group, LLC
Mercantile Systems
Mintel International
New Image Marketing Research Corp.
Perception Strategies, Inc.
Person to Person Quality
Premier Service, Inc.
Primo Solutions, LLC
QSI Specialists (for Nevada only)
Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers
Quest for Best
Reality Based Group™, Inc.
Reality Check
Remington Evaluations
Research Metrics
Sales Quality Research Group, Inc.
Second to None
Secret Shopper
SeeLevel HX
Sentry Marketing Group
Service Evaluation Concepts, Inc.
Service Performance Group
Shoppers Confidential
Shoppers View
Sinclair Customer Metrics
SIS International Research, Inc.
Strategic Reflections
The Consumer Insight
The Shadow Agency
Trend Source
We Check Service
White Clay
Winthrop Douglas

300+ List of Legitimate Mystery Shopping Companies in US

There are tons of companies that offer Mystery Shopping jobs but very few are legitimate. Here is the list of Mystery Shopping Companies in the US. These sites offered between 10$-70$ per job or evaluation.


20/20 Research – Charlotte, N.C.
A & A Merchandising Ltd.
A Closer Look
ABa Quality Monitoring Ltd.
Abner’s Chicken
Accurate Data Marketing, Inc.
ACE Mystery Shopping
Advantage Research-Cincinnati, OH
AIS Market Research
Alan Newman Research
Allied Corporate Protective Service (Alcops, Inc.)
Amusement Advantage
Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd.
Anonymous Insights, Inc.
Answers Research, Inc.
AOC Marketing Research
Applied Research- West, Inc./ Chicago, IL
Ask Miami
Ask Southern California, Inc.
Assistance In Marketing-Baltimore
Assistance In Marketing-Chicago
Assistance In Marketing-Cinncinatti
Assistance In Marketing-Columbus
Assistance In Marketing-Hackensack
Assistance In Marketing-Morristown
At Your Service Marketing
ATH Power Consulting
Atkins Research Group, Inc.


B Business Solutions
Bare International
Bay Area Marketing Research, Inc.
Bernett Research
Best Mark
Beta Research
Better Marketing Associates (BMA)
BN Research
Boulder Focus Center
Bryles Research, Inc./Bourbonnais, IL
Burke, Inc.
Business Evaluation Services
Business Research Services, Inc.
Byers Choice Inc.


C&C; Market Research, Inc./Charlotte, NC.
C. Truxell Research
California Focus & Field
Calo Research Services, Inc.
Campbell Edgar Inc.
Campos Market Research, Inc.
Campus Consulting
Canadian Viewpoint
Capstone Research
Captain D’s
CB&A; Research
Certified Reports, Inc. (CRI)
Check Mark, Inc.
Check Up Marketing
Cirrus Marketing
Client 1st
Connecticut Connection-Hartford Research Center
Consumer Impressions
Consumer Opinion Services, Inc./City Focus
Consumer Pulse / Birmingham
Consumer Pulse, Inc. / Baltimore
Consumer Pulse, Inc. / Charlotte
Consumer Pulse, Inc. / Columbia
Consumer Pulse, Inc. / Milwaukee
Consumer Pulse, Inc. / New York
Consumer Pulse, Inc. / Philadelphia
Consumer Pulse, Inc. / Portland
Consumer Research
Consumer Research Group
Consumer Surveys Co.
Contemporary Research Centre
Corporate Intelligence Group
Corporate Research International
Count on Us
Creative Marketing Concepts
Culpepper Market Research
Curion insights
Cyber Shop


Dallas Focus
Dan Jones & Associates
David Sparks & Associates
Davis Research, LLC
Devon Hill Associates
Direct Feedback, Inc.


Eagle Merchandising Services
Ebony Marketing Research, Inc. – Washington DC
Elliot Benson


Facts and Figures
Field Dynamics Marketing Research
FieldHouse Marketing Research
Fields Research, Inc.
Flake-Wilkerson Market Insights, LLC/Clifton Park, NY
Fleischman Field Research, Inc.
Focus Center of Pittsburgh
Focus Central
Focus Market Research
Focus on Boston
Focus Portland
Focus Suites of New York
Focus World International, Inc. / United States
Food Perspectives
Franklin Resource Group


Gilmore Research Group
Granite State Marketing Research, Inc.
Group Dynamics in Focus, Inc.
Guideline/ Boston


Horizon Research Services
House of Marketing Research
HR Options


i.think inc.
Indiana Research
Informa Research Services
Innovative Concepts
InsightExpress, LLC
Insights Research Group
Instant Reply
Intouch Insights
Irwin Broh & Associates
Irwin Research Services
Issues and Answers Network, Inc.


J. M. Ridgway Company
JRA, J. Reckner Associates, Inc., Headquarters


KLJ Field Services


LE Research
LeBlanc & Associates
Liberty Research Services, LLC
Long Island Groups in Focus
Low Country Marketing, Inc.


Maritz Research
Market Research & Analysis of Dallas, Inc.
Market Viewpoint
Market Wise, Inc.
Mars Research
McGuire Research Services
McMillion Research Service
Melinda Brody and Co.
Merchandising Consultants Associates
Metropark Communications
Miami Market Research, Inc.
Michelson & Associates, Inc.
Mid-America Research, Inc. / Livingston
Murray Hill Center Central / Chicago
Mystery Shoppers


New York Focus
Nichols Research, Inc.


Observation Baltimore
Ohare In Focus
Opinion Centers America
Opinions Unlimited, Inc.


Pacific Research Group
Panel Opinions
Pat Henry Group
Person to Person Quality
PFI Research Inc.
Precision Research
Premier Service
Proteus Research Corp.


QSI Specialists
Qualitative Insights
Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers
Quest for Best Mystery Shoppers


Reality Check
Retail Track
RQA, Inc.


Satisfaction Services Inc.
Schlesinger Group
Seaport Surveys / New York Office
Second to None
Secret Shopper Company
Seelevel HX
Sensors Quality Management
Service Advantage International
Service Evaluation Concepts
Service Impressions
Service Performance Group
Service Research Corporation
SG Marketing
Shoppers Critique International
Shoppers View
Shoppers, Inc.
Statopex Field Marketing
Surveys Unlimited


Tenox Appraisal Systems, Inc
Texas Shoppers Network
The Alison Group
The Analytical Group, Inc.
The Blackstone Group
The Communicators
The Dieringer Research Group
The Focus Room / New York
The Hauser Group
The Livingston Group
The Matrix Group
The Performance Edge
The Shadow Agency, Inc.


View-Finders Market Research


West Group Research


Your2Cents Online Survey Sampling

Canada Mystery Shopping Companies List

If you are a resident of Canada and want to take up Mystery shopping jobs in your locale then these are the companies to look out for. Here is the list,

A & A Merchandising Ltd.Canada
A Closer LookCanada – All Provinces; US – Nationwide
AIS Market ResearchCA
Answers Research, Inc.CA
Ask Southern California, Inc.CA (Southern)
Atkins Research Group, Inc.CA
Better Marketing Associates (BMA)Canada – All Provinces; US – Nationwide
California Focus & FieldCA
Campbell Edgar Inc.Canada – All Provinces; US – Nationwide
Canadian ViewpointCanada – All Provinces
Certified Reports, Inc. (CRI)Canada – All Provinces; US – Nationwide
Check Mark, Inc.Canada – All Provinces; US – Nationwide; — US & Territories –; PR
Consumer ResearchCanada – All Provinces
Contemporary Research CentreCanada – All Provinces
Davis Research, LLCCA
Elliot BensonCA
Facts and FiguresCA
Field Dynamics Marketing ResearchCA
Fleischman Field Research, Inc.CA
House of Marketing ResearchCA
IncognitoCanada – All Provinces
KLJ Field ServicesCanada – All Provinces
Merchandising Consultants AssociatesCanada – All Provinces
Nichols Research, Inc.CA, NV
PFI Research Inc.Canada – All Provinces
Premier ServiceCanada – All Provinces
Qualitative InsightsCA
Retail TrackCanada – All Provinces
Secret Shopper CompanyCanada – All Provinces; US – Nationwide; — US & Territories —
Service Advantage InternationalCanada – All Provinces; — US & Territories —
SG MarketingCanada – All Provinces; US – Nationwide
Statopex Field MarketingCanada – All Provinces
Tenox Appraisal Systems, IncCanada – All Provinces
The CommunicatorsCanada – All Provinces

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