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Today many people are interested in buying products that are made domestically. In fact, a recent study found that “nearly three-quarters of American consumers say they would pay more for products that are made in the United States.”

If you’re interested in supporting American manufacturing, then you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of office chair brands made in the USA. There are multiple popular office chair brands made in the USA. We have a list of 11 such brands that are very popular and available on Amazon, Walmart, Way fair, and other online retailers.

There are a few benefits why people might be looking for office chair brands made in the USA. 

  • Firstly, these brands are known for their high quality and durability
  • Secondly, they offer a great warranty or money-back guarantee
  • Finally, they may look for an environmentally friendly brand made from sustainable materials.

List of Office Chair Brands Made in The USA Exclusively


Modway is a famous furniture manufacturer in the USA with its headquarters in New Jersey. They have a vast range of products available online. Modway has two warehouses, one in New Jersey and another in California with a total area of over 1 million square feet.

Their product range includes Living room Furniture, dining furniture, bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture, bathroom furniture, office furniture, Area rugs, mattresses, lighting equipment, etc.

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Kerdom is an ergonomic office chair specialist headquartered in New Kingstown, Rhode Island. It makes some of the best office chairs that are available on Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart.

The office chairs come under two brand names one is Kerdom Office chair and another is Felixking Office chair.

Apart from making office chairs, they also manufacture projectors, ladders, fitness equipment, and furniture accessories.

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Steelcase is one of the most reputed furniture-making companies in the USA today. It was founded in 1912 and its headquarter is in Michigan, USA. Its products cover offices, various other workspaces, hospitals, classrooms, homes, and more.

Steelcase has a massive list of furniture solutions for various needs. They manufacture office chairs, guest chairs, lounge chairs, conference chairs, ottoman chairs, dining chairs, sofas, stools, desks, tables, bookcases, cabinets, shelves, racks, interior design products, wallpapers, area rugs, whiteboards, classroom chairs, etc.

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If you are looking for the best-designed furniture then NOUHAS is one. It is inspired by innovative furniture design. The company headquarters is in California, USA. Their products include ergonomic office chairs, recliner lounges, sofas, sectionals, gaming chairs, racing chairs, etc.

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5. HON

HON is a furniture-making company in IOWA, USA. HON is a brand of HNI corporation founded by C. Maxwell Stanley.

Their innovative product range includes chairs, tables, cabinets, storage spaces, desks, filings, cubicles, etc. Their manufacture products for various industries like business, healthcare, education, government, and work from home.

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Staples is one of the biggest retail companies in the USA. They manufacture products starting from pins to plumbing materials. The company was founded by Thomas Stemberg in 1986 and its headquarter is in Framingham, Massachusetts, USA.

In the office furniture sections, they have Office chairs, desks, cabinets, tables, storage space, lighting equipment, cubicles, carts, etc.

Staples have some good and popular office chair brands like Staples Hyken, Staples Dexley, Rutherford, Mcallum, and more. They also manufacture gaming chairs, manager chairs, drafting chairs, executive chairs, visitor chairs, etc.

Check out their best Range of Office Chairs here.

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Husky office chairs are popular for their tall, heavy, and strong designs. This company was founded by Cameron Paterson and its headquarter is in Indianapolis, USA.

Apart from office chairs it also manufactures and sells sofas, tables, benches, recliners, chair mats, accessories, etc.

Some of its popular brands are Husky office, Concept Seating, Sitmatic, Era, Lessor, Kwalu, Alera, and Iron horse.

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The history of the company behind Herman Miller dates back to 1905. It started as the Star furniture company. It became Herman Miller furniture company in 1923. Today Herman miller sells its products in more than 100 countries and has a presence on all 5 continents. Some of its global offices include the USA, India, Canada, Dutch, France, Italy, Netherland, Australia, China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, UK, and more.

Its seating product range includes Office chairs, lounge chairs, recliners, stools, side chairs, stacking chairs, and Outdoor chairs.

Some of its famous Office chair brands are Aeron, Cosm, embody, Mirra, Zeph, Sayl, Lino, Eames, Verus, Ceper, Keyn, and Setu.

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Humanscale is a leader in high-performing workspace products. It was founded by Bob King in 1983 and its headquarter is in New York, USA. The company’s innovative task chair called the “Freedom chair” was a big success in 1999.

Its products include Office chairs, stools, monitor arms, decks, footrests, rockers, cable management, CPU holders, desk accessories, and more.

Apart from the Freedom series it also has brands like Diffrient, liberty, smart, etc.

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Sofia & Williams is another furniture manufacturer from the USA that sells office chairs. They are popular for their patio, gardening, and outdoor furniture. They sell patio dining sets, patio chairs, patio tables, bar stools, recliners, fireplaces, outdoor benches, grills, ovens, planters, and beach chairs.

Check out their range of products here.


Mainstays is another furniture-making company in the USA. Its headquarter is in Las Vegas. The company manufactures furniture, alliances, kitchen and dining products, and home improvement products.

Its office furniture section includes products like desks, office chairs, tables, shelves, cabinets, and organizers.

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With the anti-China sentiments rising people are looking for locally made products. There are a number of high-quality office chair brands that are made in the USA. If you are looking for a new office chair, consider one of these brands. For more information on office chairs and other ergonomic products follow this blog.

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