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We all use milk at home in some form or others. Some use it to eat breakfast, make tea or coffee, juices, bake a cake, etc. Milk is sold in the store in many formats like packets, bottles, gallons, and more. But do we know how much does a gallon of milk weigh?

Though milk is liquid like water the weight is different. Let’s dive into the details.

Milk is a colloid or emulsion of butterfat globules that contain carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals. One of the major contributors of milk is water if you do a composition analysis of 100 gms of milk then 80-90 % is water.

If we look at the distribution of Milk, different countries have adopted various methods over time to meet the demands. In Australia milk is supplied in pints (568 ml) glass bottles. Later adopted the tetrahedron pack and now paper cardboard packs like the USA.

Now the milk is available in different volumes like 250ml, 375ml, 600ml, 1 liter, and 1.5 liters in paper cartons. They are also available in plastic bottles of 1litre, 2 Litres, and 3 liters.

In the US milk is available in plastic jugs and paper cartons. Smaller packs are available in paper packs while bigger sizes like 1 gallon, half-gallon, and a pint are available in plastic jugs.

How much does a Gallon of Milk Weigh?

In the US milk is generally sold in Gallons, half-gallons, quarts, or pints, so it is critical to know the actual volume of it if you are not familiar with this metric system.

Let’s convert these units of measurement into liters and milliliters so that you can understand them easily. Once you convert them into liters you can then convert them into Kilograms or pounds.

A Gallon of milk is 3.78 Litres

A Haf-Gallon of Milk is 1.89 Litres

A Quart of Milk is 0.945 Litres (945 ml)

A Pint of Milk is 0.472 Litres (472.5 ml)

To convert any liquid volume in Litres to Weight in Kilogram you have to follow this formula:

Kilograms= Litres x Ingredient Density 

So, it is important to know the density of milk to convert them from Litres to kilograms.

The Density of milk is 1.04g/ml

The US System of Measurement

Let’s look at the weight of a US Gallon of Milk in Kilograms

A Gallon of milk is 3.78 Litres= 3.78 x 1.04=3.9312 Kilograms(Kgs) or 8.66 Pounds

A Haf-Gallon of Milk is 1.89 Litres= 1.89 x 1.04=1.9656 Kilograms(Kgs) or 4.33 Pounds

A Quart of Milk is 0.945 Litres (945 ml)= 0.945 x 1.04= 0.9828 Kilograms(Kgs) or 2.16 Pounds

A Pint of Milk is 0.472 Litres (472.5 ml)= 0.472 x 1.04= 0.490 Kilograms(kgs) or 1.080 Pounds

1 US Gallon of Milk 3.9312 Kgs or 8.66 Pounds
½ US Gallon of Milk 1.9656 Kgs or 4.33 Pounds
1 US Quart of Milk 0.9828 Kgs or 2.16 pounds
1 US Pint of Milk 0.490 Kgs or 1.080 Pounds
2 US Pints of Milk 0.980 Kgs or 2.160 Pounds
4 US Pints of Milk 1.960 Kgs or 3.920 Pounds
6 US Pints of Milk 2.940 Kgs or 5.880 Pounds

The UK or Imperial System of Measurement

Let’s look at the weight of a UK Gallon of Milk in Kilograms

A Gallon of milk is 4.54 Litres= 4.54 x 1.04=4.7216 Kilograms(Kgs)

A Haf-Gallon of Milk is 2.27 Litres= 2.27 x 1.04=2.3608 Kilograms(Kgs)

A Quart of Milk is 1.136 Litres (1136 ml)= 1.136 x 1.04= 1.18144 Kilograms(Kgs)

A Pint of Milk is 0.568 Litres (568 ml)= 0.568 x 1.04= 0.590 Kilograms(kgs)

1 Imperial Gallon of Milk 4.7216 Kgs or 10.40 Pounds
½ Imperial Gallon of Milk 2.3608 Kgs or 5.20 Pounds
1 Imperial Quart of Milk 1.180 Kgs Or 2.60 Pounds
1 Imperial Pint of Milk 590 Gms or 1.30 Pounds
2 Imperial Pints of Milk 1.180 Kgs or 2.60 Pounds
4  Imperial Pints of Milk 2.360 Kgs or 5.20 Pounds
6  Imperial Pints of Milk 3.540 Kgs or 7.80 Pounds


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