How many Strawberries are in a Cup

“How many strawberries are in a cup?” is a common question that tickles the curiosity of both culinary enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike.

Cooking is all about details. The more you look at the details of ingredients, their quantity, and quality the better the outcome. To perfect a dish you must know how to measure different products and the exact quantity to be put in.

Strawberries are the same, you must know the right quantity while putting in a cake or pie for baking.

Strawberries come as a whole and can be counted as 1,2,3 or in Pounds simply but if the recipe you are cooking asks you to put 2 cups or 1 pint of strawberries, how you will do that?

How can you measure strawberries by cup, not in pounds? Let’s dive into it.

How many Strawberries are in a Cup?

Though strawberries come and are sold as a whole when we talk about a cup of strawberries or a pint of strawberries we generally mean a cup of sliced strawberries. They are used as slices mostly in ½ inch or ¼ inch slices.

So, 1 Cup of sliced Strawberries is equal to ⅜ (0.375) Pounds of Whole Strawberries.

Let’s see a Cup to Pound Conversion Chart for measuring Strawberries

Unit Of MeasurementValue
1 Cup of sliced Strawberries⅜ or 0.375 Pounds
2 Cup of sliced Strawberries¾ or 0.750 Pounds
3 Cup of sliced Strawberries1.125 Pounds
4 Cup of sliced Strawberries1.5 Pounds
5 Cup of sliced Strawberries1.875 Pounds
6 Cup of sliced Strawberries2.25 Pounds
7 Cup of sliced Strawberries2.625 Pounds
8 Cup of sliced Strawberries3 Pounds
9 Cup of sliced Strawberries3.375 Pounds
10 Cup of sliced Strawberries3.75 Pounds
½ Cup of sliced Strawberries0.1875 Pounds
⅓ Cup of sliced Strawberries0.125 Pounds
¼ Cup of sliced Strawberries0.09375 Pounds
⅛ Cup of sliced Strawberries0.046875 Pounds
How many Strawberries are in a Cup

Conversion of Pounds of Strawberries to Cups

Strawberries in PoundsCups
1 Pound of Strawberries2.67 Cups of sliced Strawberries
1/2 Pound of Strawberries1.335 Cups of sliced Strawberries
1/4 Pound of Strawberries0.6675 Cups of sliced Strawberries
1/8 Pound of Strawberries0.33375 Cups of sliced Strawberries
2 Pound of Strawberries5.34 Cups of sliced Strawberries
3 Pound of Strawberries8 Cups of sliced Strawberries
4 Pound of Strawberries10.68 Cups of sliced Strawberries
5 Pound of Strawberries13.35 Cups of sliced Strawberries
6 Pound of Strawberries16.02 Cups of sliced Strawberries
7 Pound of Strawberries18.69 Cups of sliced Strawberries
8 Pound of Strawberries21.36 Cups of sliced Strawberries
9 Pound of Strawberries24.03 Cups of sliced Strawberries
10 Pound of Strawberries26.7 Cups of sliced Strawberries

As you know Strawberries are sold in pounds in the market, one pound (16 ounces) will have 18 large strawberries.

One cup of Strawberries is equal to 8 large strawberries and that is equal to 6 ounces.

Let’s look at the conversion chart of Cups of Strawberries to Ounces

Unit Of MeasurementValue
1 Cup of sliced Strawberries6 Ounces
2 Cup of sliced Strawberries12 Ounces
3 Cup of sliced Strawberries18 Ounces
4 Cup of sliced Strawberries24 Ounces
5 Cup of sliced Strawberries30 Ounces
6 Cup of sliced Strawberries36 Ounces
7 Cup of sliced Strawberries42 Ounces
8 Cup of sliced Strawberries48 Ounces
9 Cup of sliced Strawberries54 Ounces
10 Cup of sliced Strawberries60 Ounces
½ Cup of sliced Strawberries3 Ounces
⅓ Cup of sliced Strawberries2 Ounces
¼ Cup of sliced Strawberries1.5 Ounces
⅛ Cup of sliced Strawberries0.75 Ounces

Apart from Cups, some recipes include measurement of strawberries in Quart and Pint, so how can you measure them?

As you know 1 Quart is equal to 2 Pints.

1 Quart is 1.5 Pounds or 4 Cups of Sliced Strawberries

½ Quart or 1 Pint is 0.75 Pounds or 2 Cups of Sliced Strawberries

1 Quart1.5 Pounds24 Ounces4 Cups of Strawberries
½ Quarts or 1 Pint0.75 Pounds12 Ounces2 Cups of Strawberries
¼ Quarts or ½ Pints0.375 Pounds6 Ounces1 Cup of Strawberries

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