How Many Pints Are in a Quart

Not Only students but adults too stumble when it comes to converting from one measuring system to another.

If you are looking for the answer to how many pints are in a quart then you have come to the right blog post. One quart is 2 pints but what are a pint and quart lets find out.

Pint and Quart both are units of measurement for liquid like beer, water, or milk. 

What is a Pint?

Pint also referred to as pt/p is used in both the US and Imperial UK systems. A pint is normally 1/8th of a gallon which is approximately 473 ml and 568 ml of liquid in the US system and Imperial UK system respectively.

1 Pint is 473 ml in the US system.

1 pint is 568 ml in the Imperial UK system.

What is a Quart?

A quart is also a unit of measurement for liquids like milk, beer, and water. It is used in both US and Imperial UK measurements. It is denoted as qt. A quart is 1/4th of a Gallon ie. 946 ml and 1.136 ltr in the US and Imperial Uk system of measurement respectively.

1 Quart is 946 ml in the US system.

1 Quart is 1136 ml in the Imperial UK system.

How many Pints are in a Quart?

One quart is 1/4th of a gallon or 946 ml in the US system of measurement whereas 1 Pint is 473ml or 1/8th of a gallon. So 1 Quart contains 2 pints.

Let’s look at the conversion chart for a Pint in both the US and UK systems of measurement.

The US SystemThe UK Imperial System
1 US Pint1/8th of a Gallon1 Imperial Pint1/8th of a Gallon
1 US Pint½ of a Quart1 Imperial Pint½ of a Quart
1 US Pint2 Cups1 Imperial Pint2 Cups
1 US Pint16 Ounces(oz)1 Imperial Pint20 Ounces(oz)
1 US Pint32 Tablespoons1 Imperial Pint32 Tablespoons
1 US Pint96 Teaspoons1 Imperial Pint96 Teaspoons
1 US Pint0.000473176 Cubic Meter1 Imperial Pint0.020 Cubic feet
1 US Pint0.473 Litre1 Imperial Pint34.6774 Cubic Inch
1 US Pint473 Milliliter1 Imperial Pint0.568 Litre
1 US Pint0.104 Imperial Gallon1 Imperial Pint568 milliliter

Now let’s look at the Conversion Table for a Quart in Both the US and Imperial System of Measurements:

The US System The UK Imperial System
1 US Quart1/4th of a Gallon1 Imperial Quart1/4th of a Gallon
1 US Quart2 Pints1 Imperial Quart2 Imperial Pints
1 US Quart4 Cups1 Imperial Quart4 Cups
1 US Quart32 Ounces(oz)1 Imperial Quart40 Ounces(oz)
1 US Quart64 Tablespoons1 Imperial Quart64 Tablespoons
1 US Quart192 Teaspoon1 Imperial Quart192 Teaspoons
1 US Quart0.000946 Cubic Meter1 Imperial Quart0.040 Cubic feet
1 US Quart0.946 Litre1 Imperial Quart69.34 Cubic Inch
1 US Quart946 Milliliter1 Imperial Quart1.136 Litre
1 US Quart0.208 Imperial Gallon1 Imperial Quart1136 milliliter

Quarts to Pints Table

No Of QuartsNo Of Pints
1 Quart2 Pints
2 Quarts4 Pints
3 Quarts6 Pints
4 Quarts8 Pints
5 Quarts10 Pints
6 Quarts12 Pints
7 Quarts14 Pints
8 Quarts16 Pints
9 Quarts18 Pints
10 Quarts20 Pints

So, this is how quarts can be calculated in Pints without any confusion in mind.

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