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Each listing on eBay has a unique number which is used to identify the product or listing. This number is displayed in the description part of the product.

What is an eBay item number? 

There is a 12-digit number on every single eBay listing, which is a unique code used to identify the listing. This number is called an eBay Item number.

You can easily see this number once the listing goes live on eBay. eBay automatically generates this code to search for the item on their site.

An example of eBay Item Number

eBay Item number example
eBay Item number Example

Where to find the eBay item number?

You may be wondering where to find this number on my device. It can be challenging to locate the number on two different machines, yet they are located in the same place for both devices.

Finding eBay Item Number on Desktop:

There are three easy steps to find the location of this number

  • Go to their website

The first step is to open your web browser and search

eBay site on desktop
eBay Site on Desktop
  • Go to any product

Now select any product that you want to purchase on their site. Let’s say in this case it is a mobile charger.

So, click on the mobile charger icon.

Select Any item on eBay
Select Any item such as mobile charger
  • Look in the description tab.

Now, scroll down the item details, and you’ll see a description tab on your screen. The item number is located in the upper right corner of the tab.

eBay Item number location
eBay Item Number Location in the Description Tab

Finding eBay Item Number on Mobile App

  • Go to app

Just go to the eBay app on your phone and open any item.

eBay Android App screen
eBay Android App screen
  • Go to about this item

There is an option called about this item which has essential details about this item. Click on that option, and there, you’ll see the twelve-digit item code.

eBay Item number on Mobile App
eBay Item number on Mobile App

Where are Item numbers located on Sold products?

If you have purchased the product, then there are the following places where you can look up your item number:

  • There is an email sent directly to you after making the purchase.
  • The order details page also shows the item number.
  • On your desktop and mobile app, go to your purchase history, and the number will be there.
  • If you have just saved the item in your wishlist, there is an option called My eBay.just click it, and the number will be there in the drop-down menu

Why are eBay Item numbers significant?

These unique codes are almost everything when it comes to online shopping. There are hundreds of thousands of products listed on eBay, and this code is the only key to find a specific product.

These item number not only gives the buyer a necessary buying experience but it is also essential due to some other reasons such as:

  • Give tracking of the sales you’ve made.
  • To quickly find a specific listing.
  • If you are using a third party for shipping or using your shipping option, this item will keep you updated about your package.
  • You can use this number if you want to repurchase the same product.
  • You can get accurate pricing guidance to make your listing stand out on eBay.

What are other unique identifiers used for eBay Listings?

eBay uses some other unique identifiers besides item numbers. Each product identifier has a specific purpose. There is a slight difference between eBay item numbers and product identifiers which is that eBay item numbers are used for eBay’s internal management, whereas the product identifiers are the same across all online stores. These unique product identifiers are as follows:

It is a unique code found in all retail products used for the identification of the product. it is the same code that is scanned in the cash counter by the machine

It is a unique code encoded on various data carriers. It can be found beneath the barcode.

  • MPN(Manufacturer Part Number)

As the name suggests, this number is made for the manufacturers only; the manufacturers use it to identify their products.

  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number) 

It is a type of GTIN. It is a 10-13 digit code available on the books themselves. You can find it above the barcode.

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