Become a Freelance Content Writer without any Experience

It is the most frustrating experience. You apply for a job. They’re looking for experience and you don’t have any. It’s all about the chicken-and-egg situation. It’s all very clear to me. Freelancers may claim they can do the job, but they don’t have the skills to do the job when it comes time for them to take on more responsibility. Employers now depend on those who have the experience to do the job. We have been waiting years for our turn, stuck in this situation.

It is possible that you’ll not be able to apply online for a job as a writer, editor, or designer. It’s possible to believe that you are not able to reach your dream client. You haven’t had the same experience as your competitors. What is stopping you? Even if you have no experience at all, you can still land consistent clients with high-paying jobs. To make yourself stand out, you will need to do more than average. Here in this guide, we will tell you how to Become a Freelance Content Writer without any Experience.

What it takes to become a Freelance Writer?

As a new, I was able to start my blog without any prior experience. I was also able to secure my first lucrative gig within a few months. You don’t need to start like this, these are just some of the things I did starting out.

Required Tools

Laptop: Any laptop is fine. I write mainly in my Mac-user home. Be sure to use the correct keyboard so that you don’t get hand problems.

Proper sitting: Get a quality computer chair. Your entire freelance writing business should not be based on the couch. This is a huge no-no. This includes the kitchen counter.

Paypal Account: You can open an account with Paypal to make transactions easier, even with international clients. Email address: Most negotiations will be done via email or…

These are the skills you will need and some traits that you must have to be a successful freelance writer.

Motivation and Desire – I receive many emails about people who want to start but are having trouble motivating themselves. This isn’t a very easy job. It is best to stay motivated to do the work.

You have to put yourself out there. For many newbies, the idea of getting out there is enough to send them running for their lives!

Starting Freelance Content Writing
Starting Freelance Content Writing

Starting Your Freelance Writing Career

1. Make a website using clips.

Writing for others is the best way to communicate your ideas. Write for yourself. You need to show that you can write professional-level content if you’re starting in writing.

An editor will not hire you unless you are capable of completing the task. A website is one of the best ways to display your skills. Your website will be your online portfolio of writing and serve as your resume. Your bio should be included, along with some examples of your writing.

A blog can be started about any topic you are interested in and made a brand. You could start a blog called “TravelingMan” if you’re interested in writing about traveling.

Although you don’t necessarily need a paid domain or a fancy WordPress blog, we recommend that you at least buy your name as a URL. No matter how fancy your website is, showcasing your work is the most important thing. If you are new to freelance writing, a blog could be the best place to start.

2. Write about the job that you desire.

Did you know that the expression “dress for what you want” is synonymous with the job you are applying for? The same logic applies to your writing. Many of us don’t have the opportunity to write for The New York Times starting from scratch. Start with smaller gigs. However, if you want to get a chance at the New York Times, you must take these smaller gigs seriously.

Let’s suppose you would like to write for a magazine.. But, right now, your gig is writing web content for the Fintech startup. Writing for cash or any other job is not your dream job. However, if you want to land that dream job, you must put your best writing forward. This doesn’t mean that you have to write a narrative essay of 3,000 words if you are given a 600-word listicle. It just means that you should do your best.

You owe it to your employer to offer you a job even if it isn’t your dream job. Fortune magazine will need to verify that you are capable of handling the job. Only by showing them can you prove it. Demonstrate that you can handle the job.

3. Continue reading.

You can read fiction, essays, and business books. Reading is going to be a great help in your writing. You will get a better idea of what freelance writing style or niche you like.

4. Accept criticism.

You must learn to accept rejection if you want to become a writer. Many writers will tell that for every achievement, there were ten rejections. It’s not enough for writers to be comfortable with rejection. They must embrace it. You need to apply for writing gigs, pitch editors, and submit your work even if you are turned down.

If you want your writing to be successful, then you must have thick skin. However, It’s not the best way to handle rejection. You don’t want your reaction to criticism and rejection to cause you to cry for days. But, it would be for the best if you weren’t so sensitive that you ignore it. Take it all in! It would be best if you listened to any editor who says that your topic idea is too broad.

Many writers send the same pitch to hundreds of editors, are rejected, and then give up. Instead, try to learn those criticism to use to your advantage.

Many writers fear the worst criticism: that they aren’t good writers. They fail to recognize their strengths and fall short of improving them. Accepting that you may not be good at something is the first step to becoming truly proficient at it. That’s okay. You can improve, and you should accept criticism as part of your learning process. Accept criticism, and you will get there faster.

Become a Freelance Content Writer
Become a Freelance Content Writer without any Experience

Becoming a Freelance Content Writer without any Experience

1. Learn how to Write as Freelancer

If you are looking for a way to be a freelance writer without any experience, this is the best thing to do. This might be what you think. I get it. It was the same situation as mine, but I’m not ashamed to admit it. I searched the internet for free training when I first started freelance writing. Although I was learning, the helpful information was scattered, and some were not useful.

I was slowly leaning, but my bills were mounting O_O. I was then able to find a perfect online course for me. At first, I didn’t do anything. I thought about it for three weeks. Then finally I had decided to sell my extra clothes and use the money to purchase that online course. It was the best decision that I had ever made. Within a few somedays, I had a fully functional website and five clients.

The Write to $1k course taught how to pitch new clients and where to find work. It also had a 30-day template that I could follow to reach my first $1k. Please only invest in the right writing course if you ever plan to. If you are looking to start your career as a freelance writer, the best thing you can do is to buy a perfect course for yourself.

2. Publish your Work on Contently for free

Contently is amazing! It is easy to create writing samples and add images to make you’re writing professional. This is a great way to come across as competent if you are looking for a way to be a freelance writer without any experience. It’s even possible to save your work in different categories or segments.

Here are two examples:

  • After you have reviewed a few samples, you can apply for jobs.
  • That’s what I did, and it has helped me get a few jobs.

3-Publish your work on Medium for no cost

Medium is a hot topic right now. Because of the exposure it offers, even top writers use Medium. It’s completely free. You can upload a few writing samples to the site. You might even get paid if the readers love it! Medium offers a Partner Program that allows you to get paid for popular articles their readers enjoy.

Start writing immediately!

Top Platforms that Pay Freelance Writers Pay Per Word


Fiverr is the place to be if you’re looking for a way to make more money as a freelance writer.

This is the largest market for freelancers. Signing up on Fiverr’s page is all it takes to join the platform. Freelancers earn 80%, while the remaining 20% goes to Fiverr.


  • A huge amount of clients are there
  • You can vast gigs


  • Hard to get a client

2. Upwork

There must be an idea that the writer has at times that they think about that would make them feel better if they didn’t have to pay. Many freelance sites don’t know you or are hostile to you. Upwork is a trusted site for freelancers. The articles may affect the amount. Every day, this site posts jobs. Writers can bid on the projects that interest them.

For novice writers, however, the online platform can prove frustrating. You will win more projects if you put in more effort. The freelancers do not get the entire amount. Upwork will take a percentage of your total.


  • One of the biggest platforms for writers
  • You can get work in bulk


  • Hard to get a gig


Guru is another great online platform for freelancers. They adhere to their core values. Their community is free to join. Once you have created your profile, show off your portfolios and add other details. You can use them to “Manage Work.” To work efficiently, you can use Work Rooms. You can communicate with your employers and collaborate with other members of the


  • Trusted Platform


  • Hard to get a client

4. iWriter

Register now for a free account. Your Client Base must be built. Once you are promoted, freelancers can make up to $80 per 500 words. Articles of any length are possible. Writers are free to choose any topic that suits their interests. Writers must write 200 words about why they want to work for you. Once the writer is hired, the writer handles the payment collection and distribution.


  • You can earn too much from iWriters


  • You would get ramifications to get a client

5. FixPocket

FixPocket, an Indian online platform for freelancers, allows them to create and make extra money. It works to create a market where Indian consumers can use their talents to get additional money, and Indian companies can outsource the work at lower costs.

FixPocket offers many freelance job opportunities that can be classified into different categories to maximize your chances of being identified. What’s the usual salary of Indian freelance content authors? Beginners (per hour), $1-10. Intermediate (per annum) $10-25. Professional (per annum) $25-50.


  • Best Platforms for Indian Writers


  • Hard to find big gigs

Are you able to work in any environment?

Coffee shops are great for writing, but the distractions can be more if someone moves. Freelancing is possible if you can work in such a chaotic environment and get work done. You have to be able to communicate well for freelance work. If you’re passionate about a career in writing, you should consider online platforms that allow you to show off your talents. No one can stop your ability to create magic with words. You may face many challenges when you start a freelance career.


Freelancing is the option for those who don’t like the 9-5 work culture. It’s easy to think that being a freelancer is easy, but now we know that’s not true. But you can have a successful career in freelance writing. we hope you find this post on Becoming a Freelance Content Writer without any Experience helpful.

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