Yes, Bestmark is a totally legit mystery shopping company working in this field for the last 35 years. It is an established and reputed brand name in the field of Customer Experience management solutions.

Let’s dive into the details of why Bestmark Mystery Shopping is a legitimate company?

Company Overview

Bestmark Mystery Shopping was founded in 1986 in Minneapolis, US. In its 35+ years of operations, it has helped over 100 different brands conduct customer experience campaigns in the US and Canada.

Some of the Stats and Recognitions of this Company are,

  • 600,000 plus Evaluators on Board
  • Vast coverage of 13,000 plus Cities and Towns in the US and Canada
  • 1 Million Plus Evaluations Completed So far
  • Works in 37 plus Industries
  • A+ Rated By Better Business Bureau
  • A member of MSPA America (Mystery Shopper Professional Association)
  • Winner of Top Mystery Shopping Company in Quirk’s Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards in 2018
  • Winner of Top CX/UX Research company in Quirk’s Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards in 2019
  • Winner of MSPA Shopper Choice Award

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How Legit is Bestmark?

Now once we have seen the background information about the company, let’s see If Bestmark Mystery Shopping legit or not?

Bestmark is a legitimate mystery shopping company providing jobs in a huge number of locations(13000) to over 600,000 mystery shoppers spread across the USA and Canada.

  • It has a very Long History of working in this field (36 Years as of 2021).
  • It is a reputed and established company
  • The office location is in Minneapolis, US.
  • A+ rating By Better Business Bureau means it is trustworthy.
  • A member of MSPA America that makes it a trustworthy company
  • It serves Fortune 500/100/50 Clients in US and Canada
  • Strong Online presence on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and leading Job sites like Glassdoor

How Bestmark Mystery Shopping Works?

Bestmark hires mystery shoppers who work as independent contractors. To register as a mystery shopper you have to fill up their online application form. Once you are accepted as a mystery shopper you will be sent emails about various jobs in your location. You can also check jobs in your shopper portal online.

Mystery Shoppers can work with Bestmark in four ways,

  • As Mystery Shoppers
  • Intercept Interviewers for Customers
  • Compliance Auditors for Employees
  • Panelists in Focus Groups Discussions

Once you are selected for an evaluation you will be given a set of evaluation criteria and you have to complete your job based on those. After you complete the evaluation you have to submit your reports within 24 hours.

Eligibility Criteria For Joining Bestmark Mystery Shopping

Here are the eligibility criteria for joining Bestmark Mystery Shopping company,

  • 18 or more years of age
  • Good communication Skills
  • Access to Internet
  • Access to Camera Phone
  • Ability to follow guidelines make reports and meet deadlines

Pros and Cons

Every Mystery shopping company has some strengths and weaknesses so as Bestmark, Here are them,


  • Flexibility in Working(Scheduling jobs)
  • High p[aying jobs(pays between 7$-20$ per hour depending on the job nature)
  • Supplemental Income
  • The payment period is Short (Pays Twice each month)
  • No previous experience Required
  • Different payment options like Paypal, Direct Deposit, or Gift Cards
  • Options to choose the no of Jobs(no maximum or minimum)
  • Periodical Training to Mystery shoppers
  • Future Opportunities in the Company


  • Low Pay(the amount you are paid vs the effort you put in)
  • Feedback Surveys take too much time to complete
  • A barrier between management and job schedulers which affects the jobs
  • Reimbursements take more time to release in some cases
  • Scammers 

Mystery Shopper Reviews

Here are some reviews from different Mystery Shoppers on Glassdoor.

bestmark Mystery Shopping Company Reviewbestmark Mystery Shopping Company Reviewsbestmark Mystery Shopping Company Reviewsbestmark Mystery Shopping Company Review on facebook



We can conclude that Bestmark mystery shopping company is not a scam. They are experienced and reputed players in the industry. Sign up if you want to become a mystery shopper with Bestmark.

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