Cricket Wireless Plans & Pricing

Cricket Wireless is a wireless service provider in America set up by Leap Wireless International in 1999. Afterward, AT&T took Leap Wireless International in 2014 and partnered it with Aio Wireless. Prior to the AT&T acquisition, the company had 4.5 million subscribers.

The primary market for Cricket was Chattanooga in 1999, and the growth of this company gained faster as this network focused on small rural needs as well.

Even if you are unfamiliar with Cricket Wireless, you must have seen this carrier’s commercial. They are those animated characters who seem to have come out of Pixar movies. Here the operator wants you to take those ads to heart and use your savings to support them. Since joining AT&T, Cricket’s number of subscribers has rapidly increased.

Why Switch to Cricket?

  • Cricket wireless makes an easy and smooth experience.
  • Select any phone of your choice
    • Cricket wireless offers a massive selection of devices or phones from top-rated brands like Apple, Motorola, Samsung, etc., which ideally meet your daily needs.
  • Provides the right and affordable plans
    • The Cricket wireless range of plans allows you to pick the most suitable plan for your budget and needs. It comes with big data packs and calling features at an affordable rate.
    • There are multiple plans available and you can pick that are suitable to your need.
  • Provides the resolutions fast
    • If you come with any queries or face any difficulties while availing of the plans, or if you want to know about this wireless service, Cricket wireless is available to hear you. Their friendly customer support team is always at your service. They are available with call and chat quick support.
  • It is a Nationwide Network
    • Cricket Wireless lets you talk, text, and stream over 5G network anywhere anytime.
  • It Provides Awesome Bonuses
    • Cricket provides special offers, and they try their best to give you numerous reasons to stay connected with their service provider.
  • You become a Part of the Big Communities
    • Stores and employees of Cricket wireless have built thousands of communities across the United States. They are proud of their work to help customers and make them feel happy for using Cricket’s service.
  • Cricket Stand For Equality
    • Cricket Wireless supported “Black lives matter” and is pledged to support the fundamental issues of equality and fairness. The broken system cannot be repaired overnight. But changes can be made. They along with their parent company AT&T wants to become a part of this change.
  • They have stores everywhere.
    • Cricket Wireless Stores and their employees are now present around every corner of the US. They are proud of their work to help customers and make them feel happy for using Cricket’s service.
  • Customer is the King for Cricket
    • They love and respect their customers by celebrating them. They have created the Welcome to Cricket Parade to express the spirit of the cricket nation.

Cricket Wireless Plans

Cricket Wireless adheres to a prepaid service. So we’re taking you through the monthly plans and options you will get.

Let us have a look at the best Cricket Wireless plans.

1. $30 Per Month Per Line

  • You will get a 2 GB of data priority
  • Highest speed up to 8mbps
  • Get 4k streaming
  • Get unlimited text and call

2. $40 Per Month for 1 Line

35$ Per Month Per Line(2 Lines), 30$ Per Month Per Line(3 Lines), 28$ Per Month Per Line(4 & 5 Lines)

  • You will get a 10 GB of data priority
  • Highest speed up to 8mbps
  • Get 480p streaming
  • Obtain unlimited calls and text
  • In addition, get international calls unlocked

3. $55 Per Month Per Line

40$ Per Month Per Line(2 Lines), 30$ Per Month Per Line(3 Lines), 25$ Per Month Per Line(4 & 5 Lines)

  • You will get an Unlimited data
  • Highest speed up to 8mbps
  • Get 4k streaming
  • Obtain unlimited calls and text
  • Obtain international calls unlocked
  • In addition, get add on hotspots

4. $60 per Month Per Line

45$ Per Month Per Line(2 Lines), 37$ Per Month Per Line(3 Lines), 33$ Per Month Per Line(4 Lines), 32$ Per Month Per Line(5 Lines)

  • You will get an Unlimited data
  • Full speed internet
  • Get 480streaming
  • Obtain unlimited calls and text
  • Obtain international calls unlocked
  • Get 15 GB to add on hotspots
  • In addition, get 5G access

Network Coverage

  • Cricket Wireless is widely used by AT&T across the country and offers the same coverage at a low cost.
  • Cricket runs on the AT&T line, so you will find one way to distribute 4G LTE nationwide, and 5G were available.
  • Even if you have a plan at AT&T before, it should constantly be monitored by a mobile phone in your area, and you can easily do so with their ZIP code to get it available at your address.
  • Check for the coverage of your service provider before registering with them.
  • While reviewing Cricket plans, make a note of the benefits and drawbacks. According to the plan, Cricket can delay data while connecting or reducing the data rate to 8 Mbps.
  • You can access the site, stream videos, and music.

Additional Features

  • Cricket comes with simpler plans compared to other carriers.
  • Other features vary depending on your chosen plan.
  • Cricket More’s comes with an unlimited data plan, including an extra 15GB of mobile hotspot, but you need to pay higher than the core plan.
  • Both unlimited plans offer video streaming in SD, not HD quality.
  • Including unlimited texting from the US to a few dozen other countries.
  • Cricket Core and Cricket More are active in Mexico and Canada only.

Cricket Wireless Benefits

Cricket Wireless can offer many advantages.

  • Lower prices: Without a physical storefront and hundreds of salespeople. They can pass on the low cost to you. with possible savings of up to $600 per year
  • Flexible plans: You won’t feel stuck paying for unwanted features. You can customize your monthly plan based on your necessities.
  • Keep your phone and number: Save money by not upgrading to the latest model and bringing your phone. You can transfer Cricket numbers over the supported phone instantly.
  • Easy to switch: If you’re going to keep your phone for yourself, Changing is easy. And everything will be set in a couple of days.
  • No commitment: there is no contract, so you pay as you use it. If you are not happy or need to change your plans, you can do so at any time.

Phone Selection

  • Cricket Wireless makes it an excellent way for you to access budget devices. Of course, there are many options, but if you want to own an iPhone, Cricket comes with the latest devices on the new market. It is available in iPhone 12 or iPhone SE. as well as android phones such as Samsung Galaxy A52 5G. If you want to bring your phone, you need to be extra careful to ensure Cricket runs on those devices.
  • Cricket used to be a CDMA operator before AT&T stepped in. Now it is a GSM operator so that you can carry your phone from AT&T or T-Mobile.
  • If you decided to leave the crickets network after purchasing a crickets device, you will have to visit AT&T wait for six months. As always, the most crucial factor in changing operators is frequency band support. Your device should support the correct frequency band to use this plan.

5G Compatible Phones

5G networks are intended to provide faster and responsive data with a high-security network. 5G will change our lives in ways we never thought possible before and will start a wave of innovation like earlier. This innovation came up with new 5G devices. 5G services require compatible 5G phones and plans.

Crickets 5G-Compatible Phones

  1. Apple iPhone 12*
  2. Apple iPhone 12 mini*
  3. Apple iPhone 12 Pro*
  4. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max*
  5. LG K92™ 5G
  6. Motorola moto 5G stylus
  7. Cricket Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G
  8. Cricket Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
  9. Cricket Samsung Galaxy A51 5G
  10. Cricket Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
  11. Cricket Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Note: Devices from other service providers may not be able to access Cricket’s 5G service. 5G services are not available everywhere.

Customer Service

Other service providers do not have complete customer care services like Cricket. They have only chat options. The availability of face-to-face and telephone customer service makes Cricket unique.

1. Billing & Payments

Get answers about the billing and payment queries like pay bills, save money with Auto Pay, how to split monthly payments with BridgePay, pay securely without logging into your account with Quick Pay, and more.

2. Orders & Activations

Know the procedure for activating and setting up your Cricket Wireless device.

3. Account Management

It has now become effortless to manage your Cricket service online in their myCricket app.

4. Plans & Features

Find information on map change, Cricket Save, International Cricket, and Treasure Hunt, add data, shortcuts, and more.

5. Apps & Services

See how Cricket transforms your life. We can also help you bring your gear, shop in your old phone, bag new Cricket gear, and much more.

6. Device Support

You will get complete device support from Cricket providers. Find user guides and device specifications.

7. Call Cricket Customer Support

Reach at 1-800-CRICKET or 611 from your mobile for call support.

8. Chat with Cricket

Available Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 11 pm ET.

Final Wrap

Cricket makes it possible to get cell phone plans on wireless AT&T networks without ticket prices. It is offering the same countrywide coverage with 4G LTE and 5G networks where it is available.

With MVNOZ, you will receive flexible plans without a contract, so you are free to modify or cancel without any additional fees.

If you think Cricket wireless does not provide the suitable plan or right plan for you, You can go through a huge selection of MVNOs on all networks where you can compare with other plans and discover the plan that fits your budget

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